Ep. 56 – Kony 2012

Bonus Episode! This weeks episode is slightly political and a little different than our regular show, however, it is still an important episode.

The video created by The Invisible Children to exploit Joseph Kony’s crimes in Africa has gone viral in a big way. We decided to sit down and talk about the video, what it means to our society, and the possible outcomes of the proposed plan. If you haven’t seen the KONY 2012 video, you can watch it right here:


Cindy pointed out in the show that there has been lots of opposition to this video, especially from those living in Africa and you can find some of the opposition’s videos and articles here:

IB Times


Extraordinary Intelligence


This link shows specific criticisms and some facts to either dispute or back-up the criticisms.

Invisible Children’s Rebuttal here.


We are suggesting that you watch the Kony video, and then educate yourself about it so that you can make a fair decision as to whether or not you want to join the movement.